Extracurricular Activities

Ample opportunities, including the following activities, are provided to students to develop skills in areas outside academics.

N.S.S. (National Service Scheme)
The National Service Scheme has two units in the college with a capacity of 200 students. Students who have an aptitude for service may enroll in N.S.S. as volunteers.

Personality Development
Seminars and camps to build leadership skills, communication skills, and overall personality development are conducted by experts throughout the year for the benefit of students and staff.

Physical Education/Sports
Physical education and sports help the students to build team and competitive spirit. The college has ample space and facilities to practice various sports and games, and students are encouraged to participate in intercollegiate competitions.

Youth Red Cross
The college organizes the Youth Red Cross for the purpose of inculcating the desire to do service to humanity, and to maintain the spirit of service and helpfulness to others.

Other Extracurricular Activities

Contests such as quiz, elocution, debates, music, and essay writing are conducted to bring out the talents of students.